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Creative Cover up Ideas for your Beach Swimwear

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While we all know about the many ways we can use a sarong over our bikinis, there are definitely some other very creative ways to cover up your Beach Swimwear on the beach that won’t leave you looking like every other babe under the sun.

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Check out these cool ways that you can cover while turning around your beach look.


Just as they go well with bralettes, culottes make a cool combination with one and two piece bikinis too. Wearing one will instantly lift your beach bum up to a sleek strut-ter and you can go out with them to the restaurants, shops and bars around for a fun lunch, shopping spree or a chilling cocktail.


Overalls are always in, and short overalls are a cute way to cover up while keeping the summer vibe going. They come in many colors but opt for original or light and distressed denim styles with a loose fitting to casually look on point.


Instead of the usual denim cut-offs or pajama shorts, this summer, make your beach look a little more flirty and feminine by pairing your bikini with cute mini-skirts. They can be crocheted, pleated, flared or asymmetrical. Fun prints like sailor stripes, fruits, flowers, classic polka dots and little animals will make your bum look super sweet.

It is possible to pull off the ultimate chic look in a good quality bedroom robe with a subtle print or a light hue. You can leave it open while strolling down the beach or tie it up when you head back to the hotel.


Kimonos are traditional Japanese robes which were originally long in length. They have been the inspiration for many different fashion designers who created the modern kimono. This loose fitting coat made of soft fabric now comes in a variety of styles and lengths and has become a favorite with women all over the world as it makes a great pull over for a day look, especially over a bikini.


Originally from Mexico and South America, Ponchos were designed in warm fabrics like wool to keep the body warm. Today the design of the Ponchos also comes in light, breezy materials for summer months. A poncho is one piece of fabric cut in a triangular shape both from the front and the back with a cutout in the middle for the head to pass. For the beach, it makes an effortless and a very comfortable cover.


Jumpsuits are great if you want to transition yourself from the pool or the beach to a party, and be a little covered, but do not have enough time to actually go back to the hotel and dress. Just get into a statement jumpsuit and be ready to rock all night.


White button downs are classic and there’s a good reason why. They always look good and effortless and keep the body very cool under the sweltering heat as the color white reflects sunlight. Paired with a single toned bikini, dark glasses, and a wide-brimmed hat, a white shirt will make you look classy even as you chill lazily on the beach.


Kaftans are similar to tunics but longer and they have been in the Arab Mesopotamian culture especially in Morocco since its first mention during the 16th century. A kaftan can be worn as an overdress or a coat usually reaching till the ankles and it can be made of different materials like wool, silk, cashmere, or cotton. The Kaftan, due to its comfort and mystic appeal soon became popular in the west and by wearing it over the bikini it can transform you from a Baywatch babe to a mysterious goddess.

While you choose which one or few are your most favorite ways to cover up your beach swimwear, don’t forget to make a checklist of all the other beach fashion necessities that you must always carry to stay beautiful and stylish out in the sand. Whether you’re attending parties at the Palm Beach or hitting the off towards Miami for the holidays you will stay definitely stay stylish.

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